10 Home Maintenance Tips for Spring

Spring has Sprung, the days are longer, and so is your to do list. Check out these quick and easy tips for Home Maintenance this Spring.

  1. Inspect your Roof– Check for any lost or damaged shingles over the winter months. Summer time can be brutal on shingles that are worn, cracked or buckled. Ensure your shingles are good to go.
  2. Check the trim and caulking around all doors and windows- With Spring usually comes rain…and lots of it. Don’t get caught with leaking windows and doors.
  3. Inspect your Gutters- Your gutters can come loose over time. Make sure they have a snug fit and that all downspouts point away from your home.
  4. Fill any low spots in your yard with compacted soil- Spring not only brings rain, but it brings those pesky insects with it.
  5. Move all Firewood away from the house- Leftover firewood from the winter? It’s always best to store firewood away from your home during the warmer months. Firewood should be stored at least 18 inches off the ground.
  6. Check your outside hose faucets and garden hoses for winter damage- Replace if they are dry rotted or cracked.
  7. Service AC Unit- Spring is here and summer is right behind it. Now is a good time to have your AC unit serviced by a professional.
  8. Prepare Yard Equipment- If haven’t had to start mowing yet, you soon will. Go ahead and check all of your yard equipment to ensure they are running smoothly.
  9. Change your ceiling fan’s direction- In the summer you want your ceiling fans to blow air down to give the room a breeze and make it feel cooler. This is the opposite of the winter and running a ceiling fan can make a room feel cooler while leaving your air conditioner setting a little higher.
  10. Run the bathroom exhaust fan during showers. During the summer, an air conditioner’s primary purpose is to replace warm, moist air with cool, dry air. A long, steamy shower can create muggy conditions in your bathroom that spills out into adjacent rooms and hallways when you open the bathroom door.

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