A Better Way to Clean Your Oven

Ovens get messy. It happens. But cleaning an oven doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, there’s a foolproof way of cleaning an oven that actually works better than your oven’s self-cleaning function.

Self-cleaning ovens, in theory, are a great idea. In practice, however, they can be a headache. A self-cleaning oven works by heating to a very high temperature, burning all of the mess inside the oven to a char. Once the cycle has completed, you can then go and wipe out all of the charred debris relatively easily.

Anyone who has used a self-cleaning oven, though, knows that a byproduct of charring leftover spills is that it can stink. Badly. After the cycle has run, your entire kitchen can smell like overly-burned food—and it might even set off your smoke detector.

So how can you get all of the spills and mess out of your appliance without running the self-cleaning function, and—more importantly—without using a lot of elbow grease?

A Better Way to Clean Your Oven

The best kitchen in the neighborhood needs the cleanest oven, too.

It’s simple.

All you need to do is mix baking soda with water. Mix the two together until you have formed a light paste. If it is too runny, then you’ll just have a watery mess, so make sure the paste is thick enough to spread easily.

Remove your oven racks (and let them soak for a while), and take the paste. Coat the inside of your oven when it is cool. Let the paste sit for several hours. After the paste has settled, take a scraper and scrape out the inside of the oven. Everything should come out very easily and smoothly.

If you have areas inside the oven where the baking soda has settled, spritz vinegar on it and wipe it away with a damp cloth.

Once all of the paste has been wiped out, go back and wipe down the oven with a clean, damp cloth. Replace the oven racks back in the oven once they have soaked and been scrubbed down.

Now you’ve cleaned out your oven with very little work and none of the drawbacks of running an oven’s self-cleaning function.

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