Social Media Policy Social Media Policy is a technology driven company. We understand the importance of being able to communicate with our customers, and allow customers to communicate with us. We have many ways to connect with PartsWarehouse online–Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, Review Sites, Youtube, and many more.

To facilitate and standardize the process, we have policies to protect our customers and to foster a fun, enjoyable atmosphere for everyone connected to PartsWarehouse communities in any facet. In an effort to maintain a positive, friendly presence online, important moderation efforts have been placed in to effect. Facebook Guidelines:

First of all, we’re so pleased that you’ve decided to become of our Facebook community. Through the Facebook forum, we can share important business information, interesting articles about our industry, create contests and giveaways, and tell you a little more about ourselves. We are constantly evaluating the information we share with you; the last thing we want is to make you feel like you’re being spammed.

Our Facebook community is on the front-line of communication with our customers, so take a moment to read our guidelines that we hope you will follow when communicating with our community Facebook Fan Page.

  • Don’t do anything that could be interpreted as unlawful.
  • Be courteous to our friends and customers. PartsWarehouse is a family company, so name-calling, profanity, fighting words, discrimination, bullying, and offensive language or similar verbiage will not be tolerated.
  • Be relevant. Keep Facebook postings about PartsWarehouse or our industry. Please don’t self-promote, spam, post about off-topic things, or post anything that doesn’t contribute to our Facebook Community.
  • Customer service related issues or concerns should not be posted on Facebook in an effort to avoid any sort of public customer information sharing; we ask that you contact us in a different format. Customers are our highest priority and all customer issues are very important to us. To contact customer service, please email us [email protected] , call 866-243-2721, or use our contact forms on the blog or website. This will ensure that your comments or concerns are addressed as quickly as possible with as much relevant information as possible.
  • The Recommendations field was designed by Facebook for customers to be able to recommend their favorite companies. This field was not created to communicate with companies directly. If you would like to make a recommendation, please do so. If you have a question or a concern please contact PartsWarehouse customer support at [email protected] or call us a 866-243-2721 so we can access your information and provide you the most valuable response.
  • We reserve the right to remove posts made on Facebook that doesn’t adhere to our Social Media Policies. Twitter Guidelines:

Twitter is a great way for our friends and customers to hear what’s new with PartsWarehouse. Likewise, it’s a great way to stay engaged with our customers. We use Twitter often to see what’s new in our friend’s and customer’s lives. We want to foster a friendly, family oriented community on Twitter, so understanding our guidelines is important for all our Twitter followers.

  • @parts_warehouse is our Twitter Handle. Any other twitter accounts that try to represent our company are not authorized by
  • We really enjoy customer engagement, but we are unable to respond to every comment in many cases. Inflammatory, vulgar, abusive, discriminatory, or hateful Tweets will not be responded to. We don’t condone any information about PartsWarehouse that has that type of language.
  • We may retweet, like, or respond to certain tweets, but that doesn’t mean we ensure accuracy or approve of its contents; we may just merely find the tweet interesting, informative, funny, or relevant to our community.
  • Any activity that we deem inappropriate, inflammatory, racist, hateful, discriminatory, harassing, questionable, or unlawful will be removed as soon as they are discovered. Pinterest Guidelines:

We really enjoy using and interacting with our Friends on Pinterest. Having a way to share and engage with followers who are searching for Cleaning Tips and DIY Tricks is important to us; we love helping our friends keep a clean and healthy home for their families. Like our other social communities, we want to maintain a fun, family-friendly community on Pinterest, so any questionable content that is being pinned, commented, or shared with our boards or followers will be removed as soon as possible.

  • We may not be able to interact with every pin, comment, or like, even though we would really like to. In most cases we will see all activity from our friends, and we will continue to monitor any abusive or offensive content. It may take some time to remove this content depending on the time it is shared with us, so feel free to notify us to make the process faster.
  • We scour the internet and other informative or social pages to find the best content for our friends. In many cases, we will try to show the source of this content if it is accessible. If you feel like your original content has been shared without sourcing, we’d be happy to update it. Please contact us at [email protected] to notify us.
  • Pins, Repins, and other Pinterest engagements are made by the designated Community Management Team at only, any unauthorized pins, comments, or engagements not approved by the Community Management Team will be removed quickly.
  • Followers: Thank you for following our boards, we really like having great content that appeals to you! In many cases, some followers might have questionable content on their own boards, this will prohibit us from following you back, but we cannot block followers. So if you find followers with questionable content, please know that we cannot control the information shared by others on their own boards. If we are following someone that begins to post questionable content, we will be forced to remove them from our list, because we want to keep our family friendly.
  • Any harassing, hatred, racism, sexism, unlawful, abusive, or questionable content will not be tolerated, and we’ll make an attempt to remove this as soon as possible. Google+ Guidelines: generally maintains a presence on many different Social Networks, and Google+ is no exception. We find that our Google+ friends are typically very tech-savvy and enjoy a moderate amount of privacy, given the nature of the Google+. We generally share some information regarding our business, or articles we may find interesting to our followers.

  • Any content posted, or engaged with by’s Google+ profile must be conducted by the’s Community Management Team. Any unauthorized use of our Google+ profile will be removed as soon as we discover it.
  • We want to keep a friendly, family safe community on Google+ so any questionable content, or abusive language will be removed and the source of this will be removed as well. We feel everyone has the right to share anything they would like on Social Sites, but we cannot appear to condone any content we deem as unkind, inflammatory, judgmental, racist, harassing, or unlawful.
  • We wish we could respond to every comment or post we see, but we just don’t have the means to do so. If you have any questions about orders, or insights that we could use to help service our customers better, please contact us in a private manner so we can help you: [email protected] is the best way to make these inquiries.
  • If you have any issues with our posts, or engagements, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will review them right away. Employee Social Guidelines:

Like mentioned above, our internet presence is very important to us, but not as important as our customers. Our PartsWarehouse employees are held to a very high standard, and that is essential when communicating with customers over the phone or online. Here are some Guidelines that our employees must follow when interacting with customers.

  • Any social media, social network, or public disclosures will be maintained by our Social Management and Public Relations team.
  • Never make Facebook, Twitter, or other social network or internet posts on behalf of We want to make sure our management staff has the opportunity to respond to all online comments, inquiries, tweets, or other methods of correspondence to make sure they have the most accurate and relevant information.
  • Your internet presence reflects on PartsWarehouse. Any sort of abusive language, discrimination, hatefulness, aggression online will not be tolerated.
  • Be kind and thoughtful when interacting with people online. Everyone is valuable, and should be treated with respect.
  • Any employees that have an active web presence and information about contained in their profiles should include the following information: “My social network sentiments are my own and do not reflect the sentiments of my employer,”

New Social Networks and Media Sites:

In many cases we may join new social communities to interact with our friends and customers. If we do not have a specific guideline regarding these social networks or social media websites, please assume the same rules detailed above apply to these new sites. Therefore, the most conservative rules from every social network or media site are to be followed at all times by employees, friends, and followers.

If you have any questions about our internet policies, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or call us at 866-243-2721

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