Bags and Belts and Filters, Oh My…

Vacuums need a little love on occasion. Even the most expensive machines require maintenance, just like a car needs oil, filters, and tires. By maintaining your machine, you’ll save hundreds of dollars on buying new vacuums every few years. Finding the right vacuum parts can sometimes be daunting, because there are so many different parts, numbers, models, to deal with.

vacuum filters

At least Vacuums don’t have oil filters nowadays. Movin’ on up!

But we’ve made the search simple. We’ve created special pages for your vacuums maintenance needs.

Vacuum Bags: We wanted a place for our customers to come to see some of the top selling bags from VacPartsWarehouse. For many customers, the vacuum bags they’re looking for will be right on the front page. If you don’t find yours there, we have a handy model search, so you can see every nut and bolt for your vacuum in one place. Manufacturers recommend that you replace your bag when it’s 3/4 full. This keeps your vacuum ventilating well, with no loss of suction. I hate running our of bags, so when I had a bagged vacuum, I bought in bulk so I never had to worry about getting bags. Take a look at the page and  let us know if you have any questions.

Vacuum Filters: That baby has got to breathe! A vacuum is only as good as its filter. Some people opt for HEPA filters, which can be washable–check your manufacturer guide to be certain, because trying to wash an unwashable filter will ruin it. But many vacuums don’t offer washable filters. If you run your vacuum with a dirty filter, it can affect suction and the health of your family. Indoor pollutants build up and can cause serious health implications. Read our Vacuum Your Way to Good Health Article for more information about indoor pollutants.

Vacuum Belts: It’s so frustrating when a belt on your vacuum breaks. I may be vacuuming incorrectly, because I seem to be a magnet for belt breakage. But I also vacuum almost daily, because my family’s health is a top priority to me. But belts are fairly inexpensive and they are actually really easy to replace. Finding the correct, high quality belt is the most time consuming process. Again, we’ve got the page for you. Find the Original Equipment Manufacturer Belt, at the guaranteed best price.

So cruise over to the new pages, we think you’ll like the quick and painless search. If you need help with maintaining your machine, just give us a buzz and we’ll give you some tips, help you with vacuum parts search, and get your replacement parts sent to you as quickly as possible.

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