Best Ways to Keep Your Refrigerator Running Efficiently

Refrigeration is one of the staples of the modern world. Without it, we’d likely still be relying on salted meats to store our food safely. Thankfully, modern refrigeration allows just about everyone to enjoy cold–and, more importantly, safe–food to eat whenever they feel like it. On the other hand, the cost of powering home appliances can be burdensome on many people. That’s why PartsWarehouse is bringing some great tips to keep your refrigerator running efficiently, to keep your food cold and your electricity bill low.

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Open Your Refrigerator as Little as Possible

Whenever the fridge door opens, cool air escapes into the rest of your kitchen. It takes energy to for your fridge to compensate for the loss of cool air. By only opening the fridge when necessary, and by getting what you need fairly quickly, you can reduce the amount of cool air lost and save your fridge from working overtime.

Let Your Leftovers Cool Before Refrigerating

Hot leftovers radiate heat. That means that your fridge not only has to work to cool down your leftovers, but it also has to work extra duty to cool down all of the warm air the leftovers radiated throughout the refrigerator. By waiting to refrigerate your leftover food once they’ve cooled down or reached room temperature, you can save big.

Reduce Excess Moisture

Refrigerators not only work to keep things cool; they also work to keep things dry. By covering food with foil, wrap, or a container, you can keep the air inside your refrigerator cool and dry, reducing the energy needed to wick away excess moisture.

Keep it Cold–but not too cold

This one may be obvious: the colder you set the temperature in your refrigerator, the more energy needed to cool it. By setting refrigerator temperatures to a setting sufficient to keep your food safe and cold, but not so cold that it wastes energy, you’ll be delighted when you see your next utility bill.

Clean Your Gaskets

Refrigerator gaskets are the strips of magnetic plastic that run along the inside of the fridge door. Take some time to inspect these and wipe away dust and debris with a moist cloth. Doing so will ensure a better seal between the fridge and the outside world, and a tight seal will reduce the amount of cold air that escapes from your fridge.

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