Bissell Lift Off 89Q9 Review

Bissell’s Lift Off is a pretty cool gadget. We got our hands on one last week and we knew it was time for another vacuum review. We always like unboxing new toys, even though we don’t get to keep them for long.

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Bissell Upright 89Q9 Reviewfour stars

We have tile, wood floors, carpets, rugs, and cement in our warehouse; we do our best to use all of the machines that we review on every surface to see how it stacks up against the competition. Short of dropping it off our roof, we made sure to beat this vacuum up to see if it will be a worthwhile investment in your home.

At first glance, the Bissell Lift Off 89Q9 is a little bulky. Slim, agile, lightweight machines seem to be the industry standard now—for good reason because family homes with stairs, dirt, animals, and children don’t allow for large, cumbersome machines any longer. But what the Lift Off lacks in a narrow waist, it makes up for with really cool features.

You’re really getting two machines for one price.

Bissell Canister DetachingI vacuumed out my car a couple weeks ago with my Hoover Windtunnel machine. The suction was great, it cleaned well, but I couldn’t possibly fit the machine in some of the hard-to-reach places that is required when cleaning a car. But the Lift Off has you covered; with a easy-to-detach canister built right in to the machine, maneuverability is a worry of the past.

With a flick of the fingers, you’re canister is detached and ready to clean the trouble areas. We used the canister in our warehouse, where we admittedly have quite a bit of parts, bags, boxes, vacuums, and bubblewrap impeding a typical vacuum’s path. It was a breeze, to say the least. We were able to get under and on top of shelving units, around twists and turns in our warehouse, and then safely docked back onto the Lift Off with ease.

So What About The Upright?

Well the upright part didn’t really shine. It performed well, but there wasn’t anything special about its suction power, cord length, or weight. The machine works on 3 separate filters, the final filter being a HEPA filter cuts down on indoor allergy pollutants, which is a good feature, but many vacuums come with them now.

The cleaning path of the Lift Off was pretty standard and maneuverability was what you’d expect from a vacuum that weighs a somewhat hefty 22.5lbs. But a pretty handy feature which doesn’t come on all vacuums is the brush on/off switch. When we switched to the tile flooring, we turned off the brush to save motor, brushroll, and belt life to get the grout cleaned pretty well. It didn’t get everything up, but you wouldn’t expect it to replace a mop, you know?

How Does It Feel?

It’s kind of a weird question when you’re talking about a vacuum, but there needs to be a little symmetry with you and the machine that fits in your home and family life. This machine is made of tough plastic, like most vacuums nowadays. Since it weighs a bit more than most machines, it seems pretty durable. We dropped the handle on the hard floor a few times just to make sure pieces of it wouldn’t go careening in various directions; but it held up. Sadly to say, sometimes we have to kick the machines, or throw things at them to make sure the plastic won’t crack or break. It held its own without anything more than superficial scratches—which should be expected. Vacuums aren’t made like the old Kirbys from the past, but with constant maintenance and repair, this machine should last you many years in the future.

What About Clean Up?

Bissell HEPA filterIt’s silly that we have to cover the clean up of our cleaning devices, but it’s an important aspect now. With 3 filters to be cleaned or replaced and a dust bin instead of a bag, there will be some routine cleaning that will need to be done. But the money you’ll save by not buying bags or filters (the HEPA filter needs to be replaced every 6-12 months, but the other two filters are washable) make the few minutes a month worthwhile.

As a little added benefit, the dust bin on the Lift Off is attached differently than some we have seem before, and the emptying process is a little easier and less messy. So those of you with allergies might rest a little easier, especially if you don’t have face-masks to wear when you’re cleaning your machine.

Model Specs:
Power Rating: 12 amps
Power Cord Length: 30 ft
Automatic Cord Rewind: No
Filtration: 3 independent filters, one HEPA
Floor Type: Wood, Laminate, Tile, Carpet, Upholstery, Rugs, Cement
Cleaning Width: 15”
Bag Type: Bagless

Included Gadgetry:
Crevice Tool
Pet TurboBrush
Dusting Brush
Telescoping Wand
Ulholstery Tool

Overall we think this machine is a pretty solid purchase. What it lacks in design aspects is made up for in functionality. It’s a moderately priced vacuum at around $170 bucks, but the canister almost makes it like having 2 machines for that price. We would award this machine with 4 Stars.

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