Clean Homes Save Money

We’re big fans of saving money. I guess most people are, really. But sometimes penny-pinching is brought upon us all from forces outside of our control—kids going to college, cars break down, medical expenses, or other unforeseen calamities.

Some of the best advice I had ever read was pretty simple. “If you clean your house, you’ll save money.” I didn’t really understand at the time (also, I didn’t live in squalor at the time, but my house could have used a spring cleaning) but after it was explained to me, it made perfect sense.

Having a Clean Home Makes You Want to Be There.

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It doesn’t hurt to have dynamic lighting either.

One of the worst things is coming home to a messy house. When it gets really bad, you just want to turn back around and walk out the door. But if you get home and your floor is vacuumed, your curtains are open, and your kitchen is clean, your home is feels more warm and inviting—like a freshly made bed looks more comfortable.

When you spend more time at home, you’ll start saving money. Instead of going out to dinner, utilize that fresh clean kitchen and whip up something you saw on Food Network last week, you know, those stuffed pork chops or chocolate peanut butter pie. (Okay, I saw both of these things last week on Food Network and they looked delicious) Cleaning as you go makes the after-dinner clean up much faster too, so you don’t feel guilty sitting down for a movie with cheese-crusted plates that will turn into cement by tomorrow.

Having natural light during the day not only decreases the monthly energy bill, but it brightens up small spaces and makes your house feel more open. During the evening, instead of having all of the lights in the house on, just turn on the side lamp in your living room to set a cozy appearance. Your family will start dropping like flies all over your fresh cleaned carpets and fluffed couch pillows every evening.

An Organized Home is a Money Saving Home.

I spent about 20 minutes looking for peanut butter a few days back. Peanut Butter is such a staple that

Clean Home Save Money

That’s exactly what our medicine cabinets look like.

every home should have at least one back-up, just in case. At least I think so. But after my sorry attempt to locate the peanut butter, I had to eat celery by itself like an animal. I can’t even begin to count how many times I was certain that we were out of something, just to find it hiding away in the back of the pantry, the closet, the fridge, or in the deep recesses of the garage. In some cases, I had already purchased replacements.

But instead of constantly losing things and replacing them, keep those places organized so you know what you’ve got. Not only will this help save money, but some foods will not waste away in the back of the fridge or pantry if you can see them. Knowing what you’ve got and where you’ve got it will keep more cash in your pocket and less flying out the open windows to the grocery store.

A Clean Home a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

It’s almost without saying that keeping your home clean keeps you healthy. Have you ever spent days sequestering sick family members or roommates away from the healthy people? When you think about that room you can almost feel the flu particles creepin’ down the back of your neck. But all of your rooms are like that all of the time. There are so many different irritants and indoor pollutants that can cause minor to very serious health issues.

By keeping your rooms clean and sanitary, you’ll save money on those doctor co-pays, allergy medicine, and Sudafed.

Consistent Cleaning Gives You Something To Do.

Clean Home Save Money

Don’t overwork yourself, of course.

Do you ever get home from work, out of town, or a family event and realize that you don’t have much to do? Most of the time we sit down in front of the television until we realize nothing is on, or we snack, or lastly we get out of the house to do something. If you set aside time every day to do little chores, you’ll have something to do without snacking or going out to find some entertainment.

Now I’m sure you don’t want to completely forgo any sort of fun. We don’t. So doing these little chores throughout the week will free up time on the weekends when you have more time to get outside and enjoy the wonderful weather. Great news, parks and hiking trails, and picnicking is free, and you’ll have all your weekend free time to kick back and relax.

What are some other financially rewarding benefits you’ve experienced from keeping your home nice and clean? We’d love to hear from you.

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