Clean Your Machines: Best Practices to Clean Your Washer and Dryer

You clean your clothes using your washer and dryer, but when is the last time you cleaned the washer and dryer? If you haven’t cleaned your machines in a while, you may not be getting your clothes clean either. Do you want fresher clothes? Then take a look at the tips below!


  • Wipe down all surfaces with just a simple mixture of good old-fashioned soap and water. Dish soap is a good choice to use for this. Don’t forget the inside, as well as the outside.
  • A washing machine is a great place to harbor mold and mildew, so make sure to sanitize it. Try running your machine with just hot water and 2 cups of white vinegar. This is sure to get rid of all the unpleasantries! If your machine is a front loader, be sure to wipe down the seal as well. That is another place the mold and mildew like to visit. You can substitute bleach for the vinegar, just make sure to use hot water and rinse well. To somewhat help prevent this issue, leave the washer door open, so the moisture can naturally dry out after each load.
  • Do you have hard or well water? If you do, it can lead to a buildup of mineral deposits in your washing machine. Try running a cycle of hot water with a gallon of white vinegar to help dissolve those buildups. We recommend you do this every month or so.
  • If your machine has a removable soap or fabric softener dispenser, be sure to take it out and rinse with hot water. This will help prevent any buildup. This also goes for the lint trap if your washer has one.


  • We all know to clean the lint filter after each load of laundry, but did you know you should properly clean it too? Try using one of the handheld attachments for your vacuum to clean the filter out, as lint particles can get trapped inside.
  • While your vacuuming, go ahead and detach the dryer lint duct and clean that out as well. Make sure to check the outside vent too! Properly cleaning out any extra lint will greatly reduce your chances of a fire, and your dryer will operate more efficiently.
  • Wipe down all surfaces, inside and out, with warm water. You can use soap as well if you want to, just make sure to rinse it really well. You can also use bleach diluted with water to do this, just give it a good wipe with water afterwards. You can also toss in a few old towels and run it on high heat to get rid of any excess bleach.

When utilizing all these tips, you are sure to have fresher and cleaner clothes as a result. You will be keeping yourself and your family safer as well. Your machines will surely last longer and you will save money with proper upkeep and routine cleaning. Need a replacement part for your washer or dryer? Find any part in 3 clicks at today!

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