Fixing a Bissell Proheat Clearview

Thanks to Sunny5rising for posting this Bissell Proheat Clearview Repair instructional video on Youtube.

We carry all the parts you’ll need to get your Bissell Proheat up and running again on our VacPartsWarehouse Bissell Page. If you have any issues that isn’t addressed in this video, feel free to contact us using our webform Here.

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  1. I have the the Bissell flat pump belt #2150628. I am on #7 on the instruction sheet. It says,
    “Remove the black brush arm that holds the brush in pace. Set the black brush arm aside.”
    I would do that if I could get it out. Why is there resistence? I can’t force it because there is a white plastic piece holding it in place.

    Thank you in advance for any help. Ione Hebert

    • Let us consult with our Vacuum Repair Specialists and find out what may be happening. We see the instructions you are following, and we should have an answer for you soon. We’ll email you. Thanks for visiting the blog!

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