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Vacuum Cleaner Parts Giveaway

This contest applies to past customers and future customers!

Starting Today, we will be giving previous and future customers a chance to win their last order AND their next order from VacPartsWarehouse, completely free of charge!

When a customer visits, registers, and adds their model number on our website they will be entered into a drawing to have their last order AND their next order of vacuum cleaner parts for free!

If you are a previous customer, you will have your last order of parts credited back to your account and your next order of parts in free! So now is the time to stock up on those vacuum bags, vacuum belts, and other vacuum parts that you haven’t gotten around to ordering yet, because they could be free!

If you are a new customer, your next order of parts from will be completely free of charge, no shipping costs, no hidden fees.

Visit and register with your model number today, and get ordering!


  1. Received parts in good shape, thanks

  2. This vacuum is an extremely old machine and when I say old, I’ll give a small hint about the age of this well working vacuum…I’m in my 50’s and this was purchased by my grandparents when I was around 12 or maybe even younger. Now I can tell you how surprised that I was to look on the computer not expecting anybody to still carry parts for such an old machine. Well, to my pleasant surprise, the very first (yours) website that I went to had the parts and in stock for a very reasonable price. Thank you, you made my day and I actually won a small bet between my husband and myself that I could find parts for this vacuum cleaner and with such ease, so it was a win win situation for me. Thanks!!!

    • That’s the best praise I think we’ve ever received, Zoe. We are so pleased that we were able to take care of your much-needed parts. Which machine were you fixing? We’d love to see a picture of it!

      • I would love to share my pictures of this “Oldie but Goodie” and have had to emailed them to you. I had to send quite a few pictures to be able to get pictures of the vacuum machine as well as the TONS of accessories that she purchased with the unit. As I have stated in my email, she never used 95% of them. She purchased the shampoo unit, floor polisher, gosh there are things I don’t even know what that are used for and are still in the original containers never even opened!!! If there is a way to find the year this unit was made (maybe a serial number and where to look for it, I would love to find this out, if possible).


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