Guest Article– The Beauty of Thrifty Living

We have invited Lyssa of to write a guest article for us today. Like us, Lyssa is always on the lookout for a good deal. At, we believe being frugal and saving money is one of the best ways to help live a full and happy life, and is a great resource for our friends to find some money-saving coupons for food, cleaning products, and household essentials.

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Hello, my name is Lyssa and I’m addicted to couponing.

You may have heard about couponing, or worse yet, got stuck behind me in the check-out lane while I spent my fist full of “legally printed money”—which I’m sure wasn’t any fun for you. But when I save 90% or better on groceries, personal needs and cleaning supplies I’m over-the-moon thrilled!

You would be surprised, or maybe amazed, if you had ever been stuck behind me while checking out—surprised at how much money can be saved using coupons. Let me tell you, there is an amazing feeling that comes with handing the cashier a couple bucks (sometimes less) for $200 of filled grocery bags! Just the other day I paid out of my pocket 23¢ for a total of $200.14 worth of groceries! And you can do it too!
Check out my shopping trip here: Publix Trip

So What’s the Trick?

Yes, there is a trick to couponing and a method to my madness!

The trick to successful couponing is to buy items when they’re on sale, at their rock bottom price. Match a coupon to those rock bottom priced items and purchase enough of those items to last you and your family until those items go on sale again…then rinse and repeat.

Eventually, you will have what we couponers call a “Stockpile.” How great would it be to just walk to your stockpile and

Save Money, Live Well

Being Thrifty can save you so much money!

grab another bottle of Pine-Sol when you’re in the middle of an OCD (Over-Cleaning-Dysfunction) moment with your tile floors? How great would it be to just walk to your stockpile to grab another bottle of Dawn dish-washing detergent when you realize you can’t clean up that greasy mess created during that failed attempt at gourmet cooking? Let me tell you: it’s a beautiful thing! What’s even more beautiful is knowing I only paid 25¢ for that $2. bottle of Dawn!

Yes my friends, couponing is changed my life! Saving my (or my husbands) hard earned money is so important to me that I’m always looking for more ways to save…Aren’t we all?

Missed Opportunities!

What I find ironic with this money saving adventure I’m on is that I once threw away an expensive vacuum because it stopped working. It just stopped working, and it never dawned on me that there was a company as close as my fingertips that could have saved me hundreds of dollars while also saving me the sticker shock of a new vacuum.

I would never, in a million years, thought there was a business like; I have literally thrown away an expensive vacuum when in all actuality all the vacuum probably needed was a thingumabob or a doohickey (For the guys reading this that would be a vacuum belt or a flux-capacitor) and the vacuum would have been as good as new. If only I had known about back then… Just think of how much money I could have saved.

Having at your fingertips is almost like having a couponers stockpile at your fingertips – They both equal HUGE savings!

If you would like to learn how to save money on your groceries, personal items and cleaning supplies please visit owned by yours truly and if your vacuum should happen to need a thingumabob… or a belt… or a flux-capacitor… is your vacuum go-to website!

Thank you for allowing me a few minutes of your time today and I look forward to saving money with you!
Lyssa Cronin
Pure Coupon Magic

Thanks for sharing some money-saving tips with us, Lyssa. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for some serious deals on your website! It’s important to us to save our customers, friends, and family money. If you are in need of vacuum parts (flux capacitors currently out-of-stock), vacuum cleaner advice, or just feel like talking to someone send us an email at or call us at 866-243-2721

Have a great week everyone!

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