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Allergy-Proofing TipsBy Jill Jones

There are plenty of allergens inside our homes that plague us, such as mold, cockroach droppings, dust mites and the dander they feed on. All of these can trigger asthma attacks or symptoms among those suffering allergies. Such allergens are carried through the air and easily found in carpets on the floors and around the house, you should keep in mind that no home can ever be completely free of them. Cleaning on a regular basis will greatly help in keeping them under control for easier habitation. The following tips aim to help you in your battle against allergens:

Things to Avoid

One of the best and easiest ways to avoid the allergen influx is to rid your homes from dust on a regular basis. Dust mites thrive in it, and they are the biggest trigger for asthma attacks. Dusting can also bring plenty of allergens in the air however, so make sure you’re wearing a mask while you clean to avoid breathing them in. On the other hand, having less clutter around your home will allow you to clean with greater ease.


This should be done on a regular basis in areas capable of accumulating lots of dust, such as furniture and carpets. The same as dusting, vacuuming has a chance to spread dust around the place while its being done, so you must keep that in mind as you work. Make sure you plan on doing so with a good HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner to avoid spreading allergens around the house. Vacuum at least twice a week to ensure things are clean.


Dust mites are very good at living in pillows, bedding and even throw rugs. We spend a lot of time around the bedroom, thus we’re often very exposed to allergens we may not even see. You should wash your pillowcases, blankets and sheets in hot water, then dry them in a dryer or leave them in the sun to destroy dust mites. You should encase your mattresses in allergen-proof special covers if you’re having allergy problems.

Green Cleaning

The harsh chemicals of classic cleaning products can really have an exponential effect on your allergies if you’re not careful. If you happen to be extra sensitive to allergens and they affect you more acutely than other people, then you will likely need to switch to a more eco-friendly alternative that doesn’t interfere with your life. Thankfully, the options are numerous nowadays with what we have available, so you’ll be able to work with either commercial products or natural ingredients like lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar.

Pet Dander

In all cases the saliva, dander and urine of animals contain allergens for many sensitive people. These allergens can become easily airborne if you don’t focus on regular cleaning. They can also act as triggers for a number of pulmonary allergies, so you must do your best to act before that happens. Vacuum on a regular basis and bathe your pet at least once a week to avoid the spread of dander.

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