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Growing up my parents only had one vacuum my entire life, and I couldn’t manage to hang on to one for more than a few years. They seemed to stop working sooner and sooner. I mentioned it to my parents a couple years ago, saying they didn’t make quality vacuums anymore, because they all seemed to break so quickly.

My mother said, “Our’s broke all the time too, but we just kept fixing it. Vacuums take maintenance.”

Even as a frugal college student, I didn’t realize that all small appliances need to be maintained, just like the car you change the oil and spark plugs in at regular intervals (some of us less-than regular intervals,

It's usually pretty simple, replacing parts on your machine.

It’s usually pretty simple, replacing parts on your machine.

but we understand the pertinence of getting it done).

Since then, I have worked to maintain all of my small appliances, and for good reason; not too many people have the extra cash to buy new appliances every couple of years. If you do, you must have a better financial adviser than I do. But fixing vacuums, even though they can seem daunting at some times, is actually pretty simple, if you get the right parts. At VacPartsWarehouse we have parts for hundreds, if not thousands of vacuums; a total of 40,000 products to be more specific by using a seemingly vague number.

It’s Dead, Jim.

Let’s assume your vacuum is dead, like really dead; the motor is done for. Most people, being faced with an issue like this would throw in the towel and go out and get a new vacuum. But what if you have a $400 Dyson DC33? Well, we sell the motor for the DC33 for 57 bucks. We even have charts that show you all the pieces that you could possibly need, and we keep professionals by the phones and computers to help you through the whole process if you need a little direction.

Get What You Need to Start Fixing Your Machine!

If you have a less expensive vacuum, we have the parts to fix those for a fraction of the price of buying a new machine, and all it doesn’t take much time or effort at all. We have every screw, washer, switch, or filter; everything it takes to build an entire vacuum sits one wall behind me. And we can get it to you fast.

You also have the added sense of accomplishment that you stared Vacuum Death in the face and scoffed.

If you have a broken vacuum and you don’t know what the problem is, just call us or email us with you part number and what the issue seems to be, and our knowledgeable staff will get you the perfect part, at the best price, guaranteed.

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