International Vacuum Parts

From Iceland to Chile, and Slovenia to Japan, VacPartsWarehouse is truly an International Vacuum Parts company. Since our company started, we’ve been offering the lowest priced vacuum parts to our U.S. customers. After a couple of years, we learned that there was a need for vacuum parts internationally. So we raised the bar. We wanted to offer parts to every single person who may need them.

Since we began shipping parts internationally, we’ve had customers from Australia and New Zealand saying we’re still the best option, and they were willing to allow us to ship their much-needed parts all the way from our warehouse in Rockwall, Texas.

Here’s a map of some of the places we’ve shipped since we started.

International Vacuum Parts


We’ve heard from thousands of customers across borders, and we’re happy to send a part to get them working again as quickly as possible.

Here’s a pie graph that shows all of the countries in which we’ve shipped parts. We had to change some of the data, otherwise some of the slices wouldn’t have even shown up. (like Slovenia, where we’ve only shipped one order) Admittedly, we are a little rusty when it comes to pointing out some countries on a map–in our defense there are 196 countries in total.

Shipping Vacuum Parts Internationally


We’re so pleased that customers all around the globe have trusted to fulfill their vacuum needs. So if you aren’t in the United States, and you need parts to fix your machine that’s sitting in a lost closet, we’re here to help you out.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at 866-243-2721

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