Killer Ironing Tips for All!

Ironing for many people is a “love it” or “hate it” job. Some find it therapeutic, while others dread having to tackle the mountain of clean washing. Our friends over at Manchester Ironing Service have put together some handy tips to help make your weekly ironing a little easier.

It all starts with the boardBuying the right board is vital. After all you are going to be stood (or sat at
it) for up to an hour at a time. Make sure you choose a board that adjusts to your height. Another key consideration to take into account is the size of the ironing board. The wider the board, the less time needed moving the garments around, which means more time doing the things you love.

Check the labels for best resultsIt may sound simple, but reading the labels in your individual clothing items will really help determine how to handle your items. Remember, not all items of clothing will be suitable for the ironing board.

Choose the right iron There are many different types of iron on the market to suit everybody’s budget. We recommend investing in a steam iron. Using steam will help to cut your ironing time in half, as it Ironing for hipstersoften means you only have to iron one side of your garment. If you have a large family, then we would suggest choosing an iron with a separate water tank. This will reduce the time needed going back and forth filling up your iron.

Double the heat– If a good steam iron is not within your budget, then do not fear, there is a solution! Buying a reflective ironing board cover will help to reflect the heat onto both sides of your garments, meaning you won’t have to spend as much time hunched over the ironing board.

Iron inside out– Ironing your items inside out will help keep the colour locked in, and will also reduce the possibility of adding a “sheen” to your black clothing. There’s nothing worse than ironing a black pair of trousers to find they have gone shiny.

Watch the water– distilled water reduces the chance of deposits building up inside your iron. If you use ordinary tap water, these deposits may be transferred onto your clothing, which could ultimately damage them.

Hang straight awayAgain, it may sound obvious, but hanging your clothes straight away will help to keep those creases at bay.

Clean your Iron– This is a vital part of any good ironing routine. Not cleaning your iron on a regular
Close up of Ironbasis could result in your iron not working as it should. Deposits will stop it from steaming properly, and deposits on the plate could results in black marks on your clothing.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Do you have any other great tips when it comes to ironing?


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