Monthly Maintenance Will Save You Hundreds

We hear a lot about car maintenance. It is drilled into our brains when we first start driving that changing the oil, airing up the tires, replacing critical fluids, and air filters are not only important, but a necessity to keep your car running for years to come.

Have you ever thought about vacuum maintenance?

Probably not. It’s okay. we understand.

We know, your vacuum is nowhere near as expensive as your car, but in 10 years, if you haven’t maintained your vacuum, you could probably buy a car with the amount of money you’ve spent on replacements.

Let’s look at the numbers:

Vacuum Maintenance Saves You Money

Keep More of This.

A typical, well-performing vacuum or carpet cleaner will cost between $150 to up to thousands of dollars. The average is probably around $300 to buy a good, solid cleaning system for your home or business. Without maintaining your machine, you’re dramatically decreasing the lifespan from 10+ years to roughly 2 years or less. That’s around 5 new vacuums every 10 years. = $1,500.

Granted, $1,500 isn’t going to get you a family-style hybrid with jet engines or anything, but my first car cost me $500. Actually, my first 3 cars were $500 a piece.

Around $50 a year in replacement parts, filters, bags, and belts will keep your machine running much longer than your neighbor’s, who doesn’t maintain his machine. That’s a total savings of $1,000, and that’s assuming you’re only spending $300 on a vacuum!

What Vacuum and Carpet Cleaner Maintenance is Not.

You don’t have to be a mechanic to take apart a vacuum. All vacuums and carpet cleaners are built to be maintained. In almost every case, you can do it at home in minutes–and that’s the more complicated stuff like replacing a vacuum motor. A belt, bag, filter, or normal wear-and-tear part can be changed in seconds.

  • Complex circuitry to worry about

    Vacuum Maintenance Cables

    There’s a lot less of this.

  • Specialized tools required
  • Searching for complex machine diagrams (we do that for you on our site)
  • Hair pulling
  • Laborious, time consuming project regularly
  • Long Sighs of Frustration

What Vacuum and Carpet Cleaner Maintenance Is.

It really is pretty simple. Search for your model on our site. Check out the schematic and find the part you need. Wait a week. Open the box. Unscrew a thumb-screw. Replace. Done.

  • Most repairs and maintenance can be done in less than 3 minutes.
  • Most maintenance doesn’t require any tools at all
  • Less than $50 a year to keep your machine running for years.
  • Cleaning Filters: 2 Minutes
  • Changing Bags: 2 Minutes
  • Changing Belts: 3 Minutes
  • Changing Brushrolls: 4 Minutes.

So save that hard-earned cash, spend a couple minutes cleaning or replacing filters, changing belts, and cleaning or replacing your brushrolls. It’s really simple, and it feels good to do something on your own instead of paying some big-box store, or some vacuum repair fella to do it for you.

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