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It seems like every day a new company starts doing business online that revolutionizes business. From retail, grocery shopping delivery, and even medical services; consumers are more educated and involved than ever before, and it’s very exciting.

Vacuum Repair, At Home

It seems like so long ago when the only resources for getting your vacuum repaired was to find a local

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As long as your machine doesn’t have about this much damage, we can help you fix it.

Vacuum Repair Shop in your local yellow-pages and lug your broken vacuum all the way across town. The worst part was being met with over-priced labor charges and price-gouging parts costs. But there wasn’t many options back then, it was either pay one guy too much, or another guy too much.

Why We Started

We created after spending years in the vacuum industry. Our combined experience includes the old-school style vacuum repairman, retail vacuum sales, vacuum parts ordering and shipping, and distribution. We knew it was only a matter of time before you, our customer, would start taking the repairs into their own hands, and we wanted to help them get the parts and the diagrams you’d need to fix your vacuum at home.

Let Us Help You

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From helping diagnose potential problems, to the feeling of success from turning your broken vacuum on again to hear it running like new, we’re here to help you all along the way. In most cases, people replace machines for well over $100 when spending less than $10 on parts would fix the machine and keep it running for years into the future.

But we always feel like This.

From motors to belts, power cords to solution tanks, we’ve got every part you could possibly need to get your vacuum or carpet cleaner working like new, at a fraction of the cost. If you’re nervous about doing it yourself, we’ve got the resources you need to completely disassemble and reassemble a machine with little to no hassle. If you get stuck, just drop us a line at 866-243-2721, we’re the online vacuum repair shop, at your fingertips.

Check out our Reviews Page to see a list of other happy customers. Also, don’t forget to start your Vacuum Repair Parts Search right away!


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