Some Cleaning Statistics!

It’s probably not a mystery that keeping the house clean is a common issue in most homes. For those of you who don’t have any issue keeping your home clean, here’s a link to Bane dancing to Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus, because you probably don’t need to read these cleaning statistics

But for the rest of us who have daily battles with dogs, kids, husbands, and dark deep recesses of long-lost closets and pantries this is for you.

Women claim to do 79% of the home cleaning; men, only 35%.

This is probably accurate. But if you’ll notice, there is a 4% disparity between the numbers. So I am going to claim it for the men’s side. Maybe we can take credit for the additional 4 points, maybe not. Probably not. But fellas, if you’re with me on claiming these cleaning points, give your spouse a little love. Tell them you appreciate their hard work. Buy them flowers and massages and candies and jewelry (just in case my wife reads this blog, I’m covered.)

or so we think...

or so we think…

25% of men say they just can’t clean as well as their counterparts.

This might be a cop-out, fellas. When I was young and my parents asked me to do the dishes, I would  break a glass or a bowl. After a few times botching the dishes chores, I was never assigned that task again. Oddly enough once I started paying for my own glasses and bowls, I didn’t break them anymore. The point is this: don’t just say you’re bad at it to get out of it. Cleaning is pretty simple, you make dirty things not dirty.

55% of couple with children at home fight about cleaning, compared to 38% of messy kidscouples who don’t.

I have an 4 month, and when we stick him somewhere, he just hangs out, giggles, and plays with his hands and toys. He doesn’t make a mess, he rarely drips when he eats. He rarely spits up. But our house has been over-taken with baby clutter. It’s only the beginning, I assume. So if you have kids, don’t worry, you’re not alone! I’m here with you! 

things not to say to your wife2/3 of people surveyed said their partner’s cleaning abilities were below average.

Gulp. I am guessing this was an anonymous poll. You guys would get in so much trouble if you told your spouses they weren’t doing it right. We all have our own ways of doing things; I hang my shirts with the hanger pointing right, my wife hangs laundry by throwing clothes at the hangers and hopefully they stick. But really, most of this goes back to the last statistic where men said they didn’t know how to clean. Work on it, fellas.

Getting Better with Age.

It appears the older you get, the better you are at cleaning as a team. If you’re under 24, you’re probably always fighting about it. If you’re over 55, for the most part you’ve got it figured out. At least that’s what the stats say. So, ladies, there’s hope for your fellas yet. You just have to wait until they’re had about half a century of practice.


“The 1999 SDA National Cleaning Survey, which included interviews with a national sample of 573 adult Americans, married or living as married, 18 years and older, was conducted by Opinion Research Corporation International.”
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