Spring Cleaning is Upon Us: Cleaning Tips for the Season

Happy Spring Cleaning, Friends!

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The Hills are Alive… with the Sound of Sneezing

Spring cleaning season is upon us, friends! The weather is beginning to warm up after a pretty harsh winter for some of our customers. But now we get to come out from our winter cocoons and enjoy the season. And it’s always better when we have the windows open without dust flying around our houses. Now we must commence our Spring Cleaning!

We know, Spring Cleaning is exactly fun. But having a spotless is fun; clean floors for your kids to roll around on, clean air for your family to breathe, and dust-free surfaces promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Less of this, more dancing in the mountains.

Less of this, more dancing in the mountains.

We’ve made a list of some of the best places to clean, while you are scurrying about in your house trying to prepare for the warmer weather.

Quick tip: If you have a bagged vacuum, spray the inside and outside of your cloth bag retainer with febreeze and let it dry thoroughly before vacuuming. Your vacuum will be like a mobile air freshener when you use it.

Underneath and behind large furniture.

Sometimes we forget, or just plain don’t want to clean under and behind our giant sofa or entertainment centers. But dust works its way behind and under these big pieces of furniture. There is also potential for pollen, mildew, or mold to form in these dark areas in the house. Moving and cleaning these big things might be a lot of work, but the reward is cleaning breathing for you and your family.

Above your kitchen cabinets.

If you are fortunate to have a high ceiling in your kitchen—unlike me—then there can be some extra space above your kitchen cabinets that accrue years and years of dust, grease, and grime. Cleaning these troubled spots will not only keep the air quality in your home high, but also deter critters, like moths, spiders, roaches, and fuzzy creatures from finding a dirty spot to call home.

Clean out those closets!

Spring Cleaning

This is how I feel anytime we decide to do some “light” closet cleaning.

I typically wear the same clothes year-round. But if you, or someone in your family, is anything like my wife, you’ll be packing up winter clothes before long. This is a great opportunity to clean those closets. The top shelves that typically never get any attention can be vacuumed or wiped down, and the corners, where all those dust bunnies start showing up, can easily be sucked up. Getting some fresh air inside of those closets will also keep the moths at bay, safeguarding all those wool jackets, without having mothballs covering everything.

That Poor Garage Needs some Desperate Attention.

All my life, my family used the garage as a catch-all for miscellaneous odds and ends that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else. That kept our garage full to the brim with things we never needed, and it just seemed to stay dirty my entire life. After I graduated college—because I didn’t bother cleaning much when I was in college, to be honest—I decided to never go back to a dirty garage. Having a garage that actually holds a car is a pretty ingenious concept. So remember to keep those garages clutter-free, and vacuum in those hard-to-reach places, because bugs and critters really love finding places to nest in giant storage rooms that don’t get cleaned often.

Now Get to It!

I know, it sounds like a lot of work, but these places are really important to tackle when you’ve got the delicious sun-rays that you’ve been missing for months feeding some well-deserved Vitamin D into your bloodstream. You’ll feel great, and your family will feel great living in a spotless home (until next spring, when somehow the house has gotten to be a crazy mess again).

Do you have any cleaning tips for the masses? Let us know; leave a comment below! If you need any help getting those vacuums in tip-top-cleaning shape, we’re here to help! Find any vacuum parts to get that closet-dwelling machine up and running in no time at all! Also, be sure to read The Places We Sometimes Forget to Vacuum for some more easy-to-forget cleaning spots.

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