The Places We Sometimes Forget to Vacuum

I just moved into a new place closer to our Warehouse here in Rockwall. By the time we’d moved in, I think the place had been vacant for a few months because it was really dirty. So I went to work with my Hoover Windtunnel Bagless Upright vacuum cleaner. A couple hours later—yes almost two hours, because I was following my own research from Vacuum Your Way to Good Health and vacuuming the same area about 6 times. It was exhausting. I was amazed/disgusted with the amount of dust, hair, and other indistinguishable grime that was trapped in those floors.

Don't Forget to Vacuum those hard-to-reach places

I wish there were more of me to tackle all these hard-to-reach vacuuming spaces.

While I was on my cleaning binge, I would take breaks and really look around the house to see where else I could clean. Then it hit me. There are so many places I never really thought to vacuum before, and maybe some of our wonderful readers might be in the same situation. I had to write it up.

Vacuum Behind the Refrigerator

I had done this before in an apartment I lived in in college. But it’s something I hadn’t thought about in a long time. Your refrigerator works really hard, and it deserves a clean space. Refrigerators are typically on wheels, so it’s usually a pretty easy move. While you have it out, clean your refrigerator coils! Some refrigerators have exposed coils, some are underneath, and some are hidden on the back behind a panel. But take a couple screws out and use a soft brush extension and clean the dust off those poor things.

Cleaning your refrigerator coils can save around 6% of your refrigerators total energy use per year, says Stanford University School of Earth Science.

Your Air Conditioner Vents

The air conditioner vents in my new home seemed to be the only clean place in the house. But I didn’t want to just stop there, I wanted to do a little research—by this time I’d had a couple cups of coffee and an energy drink, so sitting down was pointless. I took a screwdriver and removed one of the air conditioning vents in the living room. It was completely covered in a fine layer of dust, and with my allergies, there’s no way I could let that stand. So again, I took the fine brush on my vacuum and vacuumed out that air vent.

Granted, it was tricky, because I don’t have a very long hose—which is probably ironic considering I work in a warehouse full of vacuum hoses—so I had to hoist my vacuum up onto the ladder with me. I wouldn’t recommend it. If you need a longer hose, cruise over to our site and find your model, we’ve got all kinds of hose, that we’d love to send to your area codes.

Clean out that Dryer!

If you don’t have a brand new dryer in your laundry room, yours is probably full of lint. At least mine was. I’ve always had it connected properly, but it doesn’t seem to keep it all at bay. So I pulled my dryer off the wall and stuck a crevice tool down in there and BAM, I could’ve made a sweater with all that lint.

I also opened up the door and unscrewed a couple screws in the lint-trap housing and pulled that off—another entire sweater. I’m starting to get embarrassed, don’t judge me, I was in college. Let’s move on…

Hit Up Those Cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets aren’t one of those things I’d ever think would get dirty, but they do. If you let your glasses sit in there long enough, they’ll get covered in dust, just like everything else in your house. You don’t even have to take your vacuum to these, because that may be a little overkill. But at least clean them out every so often, because your glasses and dishes and utensils are so important to keep clean.

But make sure to clean that cabinet underneath your sink, even though that’s where most people store all their cleaning products, it may be the dirtiest cabinet—spilled dishwasher detergent, dirty scrub brushes, old sponges, etc.

Give that Oven Some Lovin’.

Okay, it’s almost Valentines day, so maybe the lovin’ spirit is just all around us, but it rhymes. Pull off that oven drawer and get to work. Sometimes when food gets dropped on the floor it can just get kicked right underneath that stove. You don’t even have to move it our of the way if you remove that drawer. Also, you can vacuum up underneath your stove-top too. Just be sure all the heating elements are switched off, because we don’t want a cooked vacuum, or eyebrows.

“Aint Nobody Got Time for That…”

It sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but you can tackle these hard-to-reach places over the course of a few weeks. That way you aren’t worn out after an entire day of vacuuming, like I was. But now our house feels cleaner, smells cleaner, and thanks to our HEPA air filter, our allergies aren’t as bad as they were before. Stay tuned, we’ll put together a checklist of all the places you should vacuum, so you can print it off and carry it with you while you’re working.

Are there any places you vacuum that you feel like no one else (or us) has thought of? Let us know, leave us a comment here and we’ll be sure to add it to our list!

If your vacuum is in need of some Valentine’s Day Lovin’ too, get over to our site and get the parts to get you back up an running efficiently and healthily:


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