Tips to Conserve Water in Your Pool

It’s Earth Day 2016. At PartsWarehouse, that means thinking critically about the appliances, tools, vacuums, and pools around us, and how those things affect the planet. Of course, the economical and resourceful solution to problematic appliances is to fix them. Repairing, rather than replacing, a vacuum, pool, tool, or appliance reduces waste, and decreases the need for additional production of new items. That, in part, is one of the reasons PartsWarehouse is so deeply committed to providing its customers with high quality repair and replacement parts.

There are ways to be resourceful with the things we already have that aren’t broken, too. For instance, Swim University created the following infographic to describe some of the various ways we can conserve water in our pools–saving us money and helping reduce water waste.


12 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Pool

Ways to Conserve Water

Courtesy of Swim University

What are your favorites?

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