Tis the Season to be Saving

by VacPartsWarehouse.com

For many of us, April 15th is a rather stressful deadline. With the amount of small businesses in The United States, it’s more likely that people will not be filling out the easiest forms. But the time has passed, and hopefully everyone finished their taxes on time. For those of you that haven’t yet, and I am rubbing salt into an open wound, I do apologize.

Now it’s time to breath easy.

Since you have done the required paperwork and licked the proper envelopes in allotted time-frame set by the least-favorite branch of the United States Government, you can relax—and wait for next year. Some of you will end up owing money—which can be a good thing—and some of you will be getting nice returns to help with paying off Christmas debt, replacing that mid-1980s rug that you’ve been meaning to get around to for the last 30 years.

Saving Money.

I decided to look into saving money, and our typical spending habits in the US today; because it seemed like a good time to talk about saving. Some people wait for New Years to start a new resolution, some people sock away their tax money, and some people stick their savings in a mattress. I stumbled on this infographic that has a lot of really cool information about US Saving habits:

VacPartsWarehouse Save Money

from Billshrink.com

So things are looking up. The economy is slowly creeping back to normal, the job market is still shaky, but slowly improving, and people are generally becoming more aware of their financial situations. Saving is becoming a more important aspect of their lives. Pretty cool, huh?

I recently had my first child (by recently, I mean two weeks ago) and starting to save money for college, a car, hospital visits to get stitches, or maybe even allowance money is on my mind. So I liked the information I found, and I thought you might as well.

What are Your Plans?

What are you spending that tax return on, friends? I am socking a little away in a savings account, but I also bought a new 50” LED tv, for my living room. It is beautiful. Summer is on the way, and vacation plans are beginning to be made; are you traveling anywhere?  Leave a comment about what your plans are, or how you’ve saved money in the past—some tips and tricks you’ve discovered over the years!
photo credit: Tax Credits via photopin cc

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