Pin-Tricks: In Case You Missed It.

We’ve got a lot of really fun things happening on our Facebook page and Twitter page. We’re inviting friends, customers, or stranges–just about anyone really–to post tips, and DIY tricks to our page. We’ve also got some pretty good ones of our own!

Check Out What You’ve Missed:

VacPartsWarehouse on Pintrest

A few of our Pintrest Boards







We’ve saved some of the best tips and tricks on our pintrest page, if you’ve missed them on Facebook. Some of the things we find are a little whacky, but it doesn’t hurt to take a peek. We’ve had too much fun with Pintrest lately, and we’re looking forward to meeting more friends there as well.

Do You Pintrest?

Share some of the goods you’ve found along the way. Connect with us and we’ll take a gander at what you’ve got to share! Who knows, if we repin some of your things we may just have to give you a prize ;). So get over to Pintrest and connect with us so we can see your awesome pins!

More than just pics…

Pintrest is a great place to find a daily dose of inspiration. Not only do we try to find some of the best content out there, but we’ve made your parts search easy too. We’ve got thousands of vacuum models and even more thousands of parts for these machines! Getting what you need when you need it is a breeze! Just find your model on our website–if we haven’t already pinned it 🙂 Once it’s on your Pintrest, just click it to head over to our parts page to make the ordering a snap.

VacPartsWarehouse Pintrest

Vacuum Reviews, Machines, Parts, and more… We’ve got the goods.

So drop us a line, head over to Facebook and see all the awesome things we’ve got rolling. We’re constantly giving things away to our friends, so don’t miss out!


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