Vacuum Cleaner Maintenance Guide

Vacuum cleaners are an investment, since people routinely pay hundreds of dollars for one. Don’t let the first sign of damage or wear in your vacuum cleaner cause you to rush out and purchase a replacement. You can save hundreds of dollars and extend the life of your vacuum by taking simple, proactive measures to ensure that your vacuum cleaner will last for several years to come.

Every Three Months

Replace your bags. Even vacuum cleaner bags that are only partially full may be ineffectively sucking up dirt. Running your vacuum with overly full bags can cause unnecessary strain on your machine.

Got a bagless vacuum? No problem. Be sure to empty the dirt receptacle well before it gets full, and occasionally wipe out the canister with a damp cloth.

While you’re replacing your vacuum’s bags, you should also consider cleaning your brush roll, especially if you have pets that shed. Hair or other debris can often lodge itself into the brush roll and impair its ability to clean. Consider checking your brush roll semi-regularly for obstructions to your brush roll.

If your brush roll is especially clogged with dirt or hair, try removing it and cleaning out the ends of it. As dirt collects on your brush roll, it can make its way into the bearings where the brush roll attaches to the vacuum. For optimal vacuum performance, clean this area whenever you remove your brush roll.

Every Five Months

Replace your belts. In order to pick up dirt from your floors, the vacuum belt needs to be able to spin the brush roll, the part of the vacuum cleaner responsible for tilling up debris from your floors into your vacuum. Over time, the belt responsible for turning the brush roll will loosen.

As it loosens, the brush roll will rotate inefficiently and decrease your vacuum cleaner’s ability to clean your floors.

Check your filters. Routine checks of your filter will allow for more efficient passage of air, resulting in optimized sucking power for your vacuum.

Every Six Months

Replace your brush roll. If your brush roll is operating well, it may last a while longer. However, as brush rolls wear, their bristles can fray and cause damage to carpets, tiles, and hardwood floors. In order to protect your floors, as well as your vacuum, twice annual brush roll replacement is an absolute must.

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  1. I use a rainbow vac and have been trying to find some of these parts for a little bit cheaper, you guys are a life saver!

    The links to the parts were great, I like the instructions too.

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