Vacuum Your Way to Good Health

Spring allergies are approaching, friends. Unfortunately, if you’re like me and have year-round allergies, that just means that they get worse. But there is good news! Certain Vacuums and Vacuuming practices can save you a great deal of money on tissues and allergy pills all throughout the year and promote good health for you and your family.

Buying a Vacuum to Fight Allergies, so You Don’t Have to.

The EPA has a lot to say about the quality of air Inside Our Homes. There are many different factors when it comes to inside air pollution. Most of it comes from things like gas burners, cleaning products and chemicals, mold, or allergen particles. There are different ways to mitigate all of these things. We are going to cover the importance of buying or maintaining a vacuum to keep your house clean and pollution free to protect you and your family.

Your Floors Hold Most of the Germs and Particles.

Homes with carpets have been shown to hold the most amounts of unhealthy chemicals states an August 2009 issue of Environment International. Some research states the best way to avoid some of the largest accumulation can be constant cleaning. Now we all know how difficult it can be to vacuum your floors every few days, let alone every day to multiple times per day. So what’s the best option?

Make Sure You Buy the Right Vacuum and the Best Filters!

When shopping for a vacuum, especially for one that helps keep your house contaminant-free, you need

HEPA Filter Diagram to promote vacuuming good health


to know what to look for. Most companies offer vacuums with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters. HEPA filters, by government standards, must remove 99.97% of particles from the air, which are larger than .3 microns. These filters trap everything from pollen and dander, even things as small as smoke and other airborne pollutants. Some companies offer HEPA-type filters, which could operate just as well as HEPA filters, but lack the independent verification. Do your research about the vacuum’s filters before you buy!

Don’t Buy Cheap Bags and Filters!

Vacuums with HEPA filters and anti-allergen bags are great for cleaning the air quality of your home—vacuums with bags are typically recommended for people with intense allergies as an extra layer of protection against pollutants. But once you get them, replacing the filters and bags regularly can get expensive, but it’s well worth it. Some of our customers have come back to after buying cheap replacement parts, and have had issues with suction, allergens, and overall poor performance of their machine. Saving a couple bucks usually isn’t usually worth jeopardizing the health of your family and the health of your vacuum!

Best-Practice Vacuuming for Good Health

The EPA warns us about carpets, rugs, and vinyl flooring. They have the highest chance of trapping and dispersing pollutants into your home. They best recommended cleaning pattern is to vacuum the same area 5-7 times to loosen all the small particles and trap them in your HEPA devices. But no one has time for that, and if you do, we’re envious. But at least make sure your vacuuming “carpet lines” overlap so you know that you’re getting the best coverage when you clean. Move your furniture around on a regular basis to get in those dark, treacherous dust-bunny caverns. Your lungs will thank you for it, and you’ll be on your way to good health.

Healthy Air Checklist

(_) Replace Your Bags and Filters Monthly

(_) Clean Your Filters (if they are washable) and Dry Them Completely Before Use

(_) Take Your Time When Cleaning

(_) Open Windows to Ventilate Indoor Pollutants

(_) Clean Regularly

(_) Buy Manufacturer Filters and Bags (cheap replacements can lead to bigger issues)

(_) Keep Your Vacuum in Good Working Order

(_) Be Sure to Change Your Central Heat/Air Filter Monthly

(_) Vacuum Under and Behind Furniture

 If you have any questions about your vacuum filters and bags, and whether your vacuum is HEPA friendly, please contact us at or call us at 866-243-2721 and we will go provide you options for replacing and maintaining your vacuum cleaner’s cleaning power!

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  1. Thanks for the information. I recently bought a Dyson DC 17 asthma/animal and I have seen very noticeable difference.

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  4. Regular vacuuming not only keeps your floors clean and your carpets looking great, it also helps to minimize the dust mites and bacteria that can thrive in your home.Vacuums that have more suction power than conventional cyclonic vacuum systems.

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