Yard Care Maintenance Guide

If you envy your neighbor’s yard of perfectly manicured, magazine-quality grass, there’s no need to fear. With these basic lawn care tips, you’ll be the talk of the block, and everyone will be asking about the secret to your lawn.

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Mow with a Sharp Blade

Dull blades tear grass, while sharp ones give a nice clean cut. For the continued health of your grass, take time to sharpen your blade a few times each season.

Set Your Lawn Blades at an Appropriate Height

Scalping grass can make a yard look patchy and sickly. Set your mower blade at a height that allows for a decent cut without getting too close to the ground.

Don’t Mow When It’s Wet

Mowing early in the morning may seem like a great idea to beat the summer heat, but if there’s still dew on the ground, it may be best to wait a while. Wet grass will clump and can wreak havoc on your mower deck and blade. Extreme wet can leave unsightly indentations in the grass and your mower may leave ruts.

Don’t Mow the Same Way Every Time

Routines are nice, but you if mow your grass in the same direction every time, you may risk unnecessarily compacted soil or a damaged root system to your grass. Mix up your mowing direction every few weeks to prevent these problems.

Aerate Your Soil

If you want healthy grass, then you’ll want aerated soil. When soil compacts too tightly, grass can have a difficult time extracting the nutrients it needs. Aerating your yard can lead to healthier, greener grass.

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  1. I am looking for an extension to the wand on my Ryobi RY80940A….3100 PSI pressure washer. Can’t seem to find it in your schematics. Is it still available??

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