Yard Equipment Maintenance Tips

Are you ready for spring and all the season will bring? Make sure your yard care equipment is in proper working order with these helpful tips. Needing to find a part to repair one of your yard tools? PartsWarehouse has the OEM parts you need. FIND ANY PART IN 3 CLICKS!®

Lawn Mower

  • Tune up your engine now, before mowing season begins. You can find tune up kits on our website!
  • Check to make sure your blades are in proper working order. Be sure to replace them if there are any dents or bends. This also goes for dull blades. Sharpening your blades is essential to get a clean-cut lawn, as dull blades will just tear the grass. We recommend checking your blades after each use.
  • Have you checked the oil lately? It is recommended that you change the oil after every 50 hours of use. Be sure to use the proper amount as well. Too little or too much will only cause more damage.
  • Be sure to have clean air filters in your mower. This applies to fuel filters as well!
  • Check for oil stains and degrease when necessary.
  • Remove clippings and clean blades after each use. Once dry, they will harden on the blade and can cause damage.
  • For gas mowers, check the pull start cord for damage. The same goes for an electronic mower’s power cord.


  • Make sure your chainsaw is in proper working order. This includes checking for any loose screws or bolts and checking the air and fuel filters. Always replace these if there are any tears or holes. You don’t want any debris to find its way into your engine!
  • Inspect your chain and sharpen if you need to. If it is damaged, you should replace it before using. You should also lubricate the bar and chain to ensure proper use.
  • Replace spark arrestors and spark plugs when needed. This is much more cost effective than buying a whole new chainsaw!
  • Check for oil stains and degrease.

String Trimmer

  • Just as you should tune up your mower, you should tune up your trimmer as well.
  • Always use a manufacturer recommended string or trimmer line for the best use. The strings age quickly, and in turn become brittle, so having fresh lines will serve you well. The neighbors will be impressed with your lawn edges!
  • You should check the air and fuel filters and spark arrestor each season too. And for gas trimmers, it is important to check the oil level regularly.
  • Check for oil stains and degrease if needed.
  • Make sure the debris shield is properly affixed and doesn’t have any damage. It is important to replace it if it does.

Hedge Trimmer

  • Check your blades for sharpness, and either sharpen or replace dull ones. You can’t ensure you’ll have the best hedges around without sharp blades!
  • Be sure the handles and any screws, nuts, and bolts are securely fastened. The same goes for the debris shield. You don’t want anything flying up and hurting you!
  • Check all filters for debris as well as if your spark plugs are in working order and replace if needed.

Whatever this season brings, we’re here to help you tackle it. Remember, IF IT’S BROKE, FIX IT!® Don’t just replace it entirely. Shop OEM repair parts for your yard equipment today!

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